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Certificate services

Find out about the range of certificate services that you can use.

Lost or damaged certificates

If you’ve lost or damaged your exam certificates, you can ask us to search for your records. If we find your results, we’ll send you a certified statement of results. There’s a fee for this service.

Centres and exams officers

If you’re an exams officer, you can find out when your centre will receive certificates for each exam series and what to do about missing certificates, corrections and replacements.

Send your results to a university or employer

If you need to send your results to a university or employer, you can ask us to send them a letter that confirms your results. There’s a fee for this service.

Update an original certificate

If your personal information (eg name or date of birth) is wrong on your original exam certificate, you can ask us to change it. There’s a fee for this service.

Certificate changes for transgender people

If you’ve changed your name due to a change in your gender identity, we can provide a replacement certificate. This service is free of charge.

Ask for verification

If you’re an academic institute or employer and you need to confirm someone’s results, you can ask us to verify certificates that have been issued by us or our predecessor boards. There’s a fee for this service.