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NCU's degree programs are designed to help you pursue your passions and to prepare you for an intellectually rewarding career. You'll gain the confidence and credentials to lead. We take great pride in the number of students who join us from all over the world.




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The University has a team of professionals who support each student’s progress through the degree. Each student has direct access to faculty and is assisted by a member in the following areas: Admissions, Student Services, the Registrar, and the Dean of Academic.


Weekly Report is sent by the instructors to the student services department, notifications are sent to students inquiring about their attendance or personal issues.


The Student Services department in conjunction with the Office of the Registrar is principally accountable to manage student records from the point of the first enrollment through graduation.

It handles inquiries on, transfer credit evaluation, veteran affairs coordination, tuition billing, academic progress advising and retention. All materials submitted in support of students’ applications, including transcripts from other institutions, letters of reference and related documents, become the property of National Capital University. During a student’s enrollment, NCU maintains records that include admission and attendance information, academic transcripts and other relevant data. Student academic records are maintained in accordance with NCU’s academic document retention schedule after the student is no longer enrolled. Students who wish to review their files must submit a written request to the registrar. Permanent student records include admission information and academic transcripts.

Except as required by law, no information regarding attendance, grades or any other aspect of students’ academic standing will be released to any third party without written student consent. NCU keeps a hard copy of the student records in a fire-proof cabinet for a period of 5-years. NCU also keeps a permanent virtual copy in the Student Management System in the clouds.


National Capital University reserves the right to make changes to provisions of this catalog and website, and its rules and procedures at any time, with or without notice, subject to licensing requirements. This catalog is neither a contract nor an offer to contract but merely a general outline of the programs currently offered by the university. To ensure that students are presented with a progressive and challenging curriculum, NCU also reserves the right to change graduation requirements and to revise or delete courses as deemed necessary.


National Capital University offers job placement assistance to all graduates/students regardless of where they reside. The Student Services Department, in conjunction with the Office of the Registrar, and faculty members join efforts to help students reach their employment goals. This is achieved by assisting students in preparing job-related documents – including resume preparation – and interview support. The job placement assistance services are always available for the University’s graduates. Although the University does not guarantee employment upon graduation, the success of this effort is highly important for the Institution. Job placement assistance services are offered at no charge