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3 Key Reasons to Consider National Capital University

Your Career Path Requires It

Depending on which future career you have your sights set on, university may be a requirement. While an increasing number of industries are opening their doors to new hires with other forms of higher education (or none at all), some professions really do require the specialized training that university offers. For example, if you’re considering going into medicine, law, teaching, accounting or engineering, you’re going to need a university degree (and possibly more than one). This is typically due to the level of risk and responsibility associated with the job; having a university degree shows your commitment (through your time, effort and finances) and lets you demonstrate your mastery of best practices.

You're a Life-Long Learner

If you love the idea of learning and researching alongside industry experts (and peers), a university degree might be right for you. Degrees give you the chance to go in-depth on a topic, while at the same time letting you explore an outstanding range of related topics through electives, minors and options. Many master’s and PhD-level programs also require applicants to have an undergraduate degree, so if you are considering going into research or teaching, or just love formal learning, a bachelor’s degree is the way to get there. A university degree can also help your resume standout from the pile (provided you back it up with proof of your passions and practical experience)and lead to more jobs and advancement opportunities within your future workplace (for example, some organizations like to promote from within but require their managers and executives to have higher-level degrees).

You Want the Whole Experience

While the academics are obviously the foundation of university, you probably already know that the university experience goes far beyond the classroom. It’s about finding out who you are, what you love to do and how to turn that passion into action. It’s about giving back to the community, contributing to causes you care about, getting your hands dirty with experiential learning and putting your ideas and ideals to the test – on paper and in practice. The people you meet and live with during your degree will help you look at the world from a wide range of perspectives (especially since they’ll literally be from around the world) and could be valuable connections as you launch your career. This is what university is really all about. This is why university is worth the investment.